car service

Car service

Driver for shopping

Daily travel

Our company Ads Private Driver offers you a vehicle with a driver to accompany you during your everyday travels. A day shopping/ shopping, an appointment, a family outing…
Our private driver will accompany you with professionalism and courtesy (loyalty card system ).

Private driver Pro

Services Business / VIP

We also offer a Business/ Vip service adapted for professionals and companies. An airport transfer to pick up your guests, a availability for a few hours or several days for your professional appointments. Our driver will be discreet and professional when you travel.

Night driver

Night transport for your evenings

Don’t take the risk of losing your driver’s license and enjoy your evenings safely. A private driver will drop you off, pick you up or accompany you throughout your evening.

Hiking site drop-off service

Our driver will accompany you to drop off or pick you up from a hiking trail and avoid the complications of parking your vehicle!

Event driver

Special event Driver

Do you need a driver to accompany your guests during your wedding, communion, birthday or any other type of event? Get in touch with us!

Need a private driver for a service?

We support you no matter what you need